Heather Parish Council

Serving the people of Heather

Clerk: Jan Shepherd
23 Ashby Road, Ravenstone
Coalville LE67 2AA

Tel: 01530 837267


There is a well maintained cemetery in the village. This is located behind the Church Yard. New gates have been fitted at the cemetery during this financial year. The grass is cut and strimmed at least once every fortnight during the growing season. The cuts normally begin at the beginning of April and go through until the end of October. Sometimes an extra cut at either end of the season is required to ensure that the area continues to look well cared for. A contract is being set up in this financial year to have the trees surrounding the cemetery cut and levelled on a regular basis.

The Parish Council acknowledge the way in which families keep the graves in the cemetery. It is good that such an area in our village should be well maintained at all times.

If anyone has any concerns about the way in which the cemetery is maintained, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Garden of Remembrance

A new Garden of Remembrance has been prepared at the cemetery in Heather and is now open. This is to replace the garden in the Church Yard which is now full.

The area has been planned as a valuable asset for the village and it is anticipated that it will be operational for at least 15 years. A seat has been placed at the side of the garden to enable relatives to "sit awhile to reflect and remember". Stepping stones are to be placed across the middle to enable small flower arrangements to be placed at every plot as each one is used. Memorial plaques can also be purchased and placed on graves in accordance with agreements.