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Clerk: Jan Shepherd
23 Ashby Road, Ravenstone
Coalville LE67 2AA

Tel: 01530 837267

Coronavirus Help in Heather

The Parish Council are pleased to post that there is a wonderful team of volunteers in our village who are willing to help anyone in difficulty during this very difficult time for everyone.

Please look on Facebook at Help the elderly - Heather
to find what services are available and look for the leaflet to come through your door in the next day or two with further details.

If anyone would like to donate any food, toiletries or any other useful item for the more vulnerable in the village, please take gifts to the Queens Head on Main Street where items will be stored and from where they will be distributed.

A really big thank you to everyone who has offered to help.

Posted: Thu, 02 Apr 2020 17:06 by Jan Shepherd

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